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Substance use addiction is not a lack of morals but it is simply an ailment. It can strike anyone at any time. Millions of individuals have been able to find the healing they needed in facilities across the nation.

Substance abuse treatment is a process that can take many forms. It’s important to understand the nature of addiction and how it affects an individual to find the best type of treatment. Recognizing symptoms is a big part of starting a person on the path to recovery from addiction.

What Is Addiction From Substance Abuse?

Individuals who suffer from addiction often engage in activities outside their control, leading to drug-related crime, unemployment, homelessness, and separation from friends and family.

Substance abuse disorder is a health issue that can have long-term consequences for an individual’s quality of life. If you or someone you know would like addiction treatment, many options are available.

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Addiction and the Brain

When someone becomes addicted to a substance, the brain undergoes some changes. The nucleus accumbens is the part of the brain that controls reward, motivation, and pleasure. 

When someone takes drugs or drinks alcohol, the nucleus accumbens produces a surge of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, which creates a feeling of euphoria that can lead to addiction.

Recognizing and Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a complex condition to overcome. Addicts are often ashamed of their addiction, leading them to hide it from friends and family. Addiction is not simply an issue of weak willpower, and positive thinking cannot overcome it. A person with an addiction has a compulsive need for the drug or alcohol in question, which they cannot control even if their life is being negatively affected by their addiction.

The Difference Between Addiction and Dependence

It is common to use the terms addiction and dependence interchangeably, but they are two distinct disorders.

Dependence is a physical condition that develops from prolonged exposure to a substance, which results in withdrawal symptoms when use stops. Addiction is a mental health condition where psychological dependence on a substance or activity can lead to compulsive behavior that continues even after the behavior is harmful to the person.

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse Addiction

Warning signs of substance abuse addiction can include:

  • Using a substance for longer than planned.
  • Having intense cravings for the substance because of its effects on mood and behavior.
  • Continuing to use it even though it is affecting health and relationships with others.
  • The desire to stop using but being unable to.

Treatment for Substance Abuse Addiction

There are many substance abuse treatment options available. The best choice depends on the drug, the severity of the addiction, and the individual’s needs and preferences.

If you believe you are struggling with addiction, many resources are available to help.