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Bipolar Mood Disorder

Bipolar Mood Disorder has changed from earlier studies, as we now understand mood swings alone are not enough for a formal diagnosis.  There are two types of bipolar mood disorder, and each is treated with individual therapy, group therapy and pharmacotherapeutic intervention. Finding the right medication, while working on the issues  surrounding the disorder are important for sustained recovery.

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What is Bipolar Disorder?

Unlike some other mental disorders, bipolar disorder doesn’t typically appear until the teen or early adult years. Symptoms of bipolar disorder often manifest in either a depressive or manic episode or state. Bipolar disorder treatment at Celadon Recovery in Florida can help people overcome and manage their symptoms in a healthy manner.

Often depressive episodes can be characterized as “down” times, and individuals often have memory issues, trouble concentrating, suicidal thoughts, and lethargic episodes.  Bipolar mood disorder has a treatment course specific to types of episodes and type of Bipolar, noting Type I and/or Type II.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Once those with bipolar disorder are diagnosed, they typically need a lifelong treatment program to manage symptoms and improve health. Those with bipolar disorder may suffer from addiction to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to regulate their mood with substances. This behavior will require additional therapy and support to improve their mental health.

If you’re looking for bipolar disorder treatment in Florida, the Celadon Recovery Campus may be the center for you. The facility uses different treatments and techniques to help patients live the best life possible with their diagnoses and improve mental, physical, and emotional health.