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The Dangers of Laced Marijuana: What You Need to Know About

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Marijuana is the most widely used drug in America. The legalization of marijuana has led to worries about laced marijuana, cannabis that has other substances like meth, cocaine, PCP, fentanyl, and ecstasy added to it. Even though laced marijuana is uncommon, it’s still dangerous. Knowing what it looks like and what to do if you run into it could keep you safe.

How Common Is Laced Marijuana?

People are unlikely to discuss their laced marijuana use unless they end up in the hospital. People seldom discover they’ve used laced marijuana, and incidents from it remain rare.

Fry is a blunt containing marijuana. It is then dipped in cough syrup with codeine in it. Sometimes, a combination of PCP and embalming fluid is used instead. Though Fry isn’t a new substance, law enforcement in southern states have noticed a recent growth in incidents

The Dangers of Laced Marijuana

Some of the hazards of taking laced marijuana are obvious, but others are not as well-known.


While still uncommon, the dangers of laced marijuana include overdose. Fentanyl is an especially dangerous additive. Smoking the wrong joint can endanger your life. Because fentanyl is deadly, marijuana users should always avoid unregulated sources.

Psychotic Behavior

Dangers from PCP-laced marijuana consist of symptoms of severe mental disturbance and behavior that can harm themselves and endanger others.

People are capable of violent crimes when they have PCP in their system. Compound this reaction with marijuana’s mind-altering effects, and the symptoms are worse. Anyone smoking PCP and marijuana is capable of violence, and people often don’t recall their actions after smoking it.

Heart Damage

PCP and other harmful substances added to marijuana can cause distressing symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat and trouble breathing. Elevated blood pressure is typical, with the potential for long-term damage to the heart and lungs. 


Marijuana is addictive without any additives. Modern marijuana is stronger than the varieties smoked by previous generations. Strains have been selectively bred to increase THC levels.

When people add harmful substances such as meth, cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin, the result is more addictive and more dangerous.

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Signs and Symptoms of Laced Marijuana

After 15 minutes have passed, most people notice they have ingested something in addition to marijuana. Every harmful substance added to marijuana produces unique symptoms.


PCP-laced marijuana can cause severe hallucinations, slurred speech, impaired coordination, violent behavior, paranoia, disorientation, and seizures. Smoking too much can be lethal, causing coma and death.

Embalming Fluid

The street name for PCP is “embalming fluid.” This dangerous substance damages the body in tragic ways. It harms the brain and damages the lungs. The nasal passages are also damaged. It can accumulate in the spinal column, suspending growth in children.

The role of embalming fluid is that of a solvent blended with PCP. The result is a liquid used for dipping blunts. The final product is PCP-laced with smokers experiencing paranoia, threatening behavior, and hallucinations.


Fentanyl-laced marijuana hits the brain rapidly. Symptoms of an overdose include slowed heartbeat, seizures, and clammy skin. The individual will also feel like going to sleep. Someone suspected of accidentally smoking fentanyl-laced marijuana should be taken to the hospital immediately. Fentanyl can stop the heart and cease brain functions, making it easy to overdose on when combined with marijuana.

Codeine-Laced Cough Syrup

Codeine cough syrup is used to create fry. It is produced by dipping the blunt in a blend of embalming fluid and PCP. An alternative dip is codeine-laced cough syrup. The result is then laced with more drugs. The powerful high it produces also has a taste and scent described as horrible.

Death is a possible result when someone uses these substances for the first time. The inability to breathe correctly is a warning. Anyone having seizures may be suffering from brain damage.

How to Tell if Marijuana Is Laced

While brown crystals are natural to marijuana, blue or white crystals signal it has been laced with a harmful substance. Frequent users of cannabis are familiar with the scent of it. It has an earthy, herbal scent that is distinct to those familiar with it.

If the marijuana has a chemical scent like nail polish remover or gasoline, this is a warning sign. You can assume that the marijuana could be laced with a dangerous substance. Drug test kits are available, but they won’t find everything because some substances, such as cocaine, are elusive. If you have any doubts, you should get rid of it.

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