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While Florida is known for pristine beaches, sunshine, and a warm year-around climate, it is also the rehab capitol of the eastern United States. If you’re considering drug and alcohol treatment, you are likely reviewing programs locally. While it’s convenient to seek local inpatient treatment, it will be located near the people, places, and things that fueled your substance abuse.  For most, they’ll be facing intense relapse triggers as familiarity typically breeds contempt!

Top Reasons People Come to Florida for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

While seeking the best substance use treatment programs, consider the benefits of the Florida rehab experience.

A Higher Level of Care

Substance use treatment programs aren’t the same. Most offer 1-2 levels of care that consists of detox-residential combination or simply outpatient. In contrast, there are a high amount of comprehensive addiction treatment programs in Florida that provide detox, residential treatment, and flexible outpatient programs that provide sober living for those staying in the Sunshine State. It’s a popular option for those who come here and decide to start over in cities like Fort Myers, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, or Orlando. Others offer only outpatient therapy, which may not be enough to meet your needs. Florida also home to a significant number of rehabs like Celadon that are ACHA certified for dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

A Fresh Look

It can be problematic to apply positive changes in your life when you’re stuck in the same old place. Selecting to attend rehab in Florida instead of near home means you’re able to get a fresh start and a look on things impacting your quality of life. You can create goals and attain recovery targets without the negative controls of your hometown/city. A place where no one knows your name but will be glad to meet you to help you recover.

Higher Addiction Treatment Completion

When you remain near home for addiction treatment, you have a array of excuses built into the geography. You are close to family, friends, and business acquaintances such as people who sold drugs to you! You know everyone and every place and know how to hide out and make excuses. In Florida rehab, you’ll likely incur travel and ancillary costs that will make rehab feel like a worthwhile investment in your time that will affect your future outcomes. You’ll be immersed in the recovery process and gain valuable peer support from others experiencing the same.

Prevent Obvious Triggers

Whether it’s a relationship or just the local knowledge but getting sober at home is more challenging than traveling for treatment. At home, those who may have judged you are still there. You might as well call it rehab under a microscope. However, when you come to Florida rehab, you have a new, renewed sense of purpose and feel the healthy recovery competition to get sober and start achieving without an audience of those you may have harmed. Don’t worry, you can make amends when you visit!

You Come First, Middle, & Last

Without the distractions of your hometown and everyday responsibilities, you can put yourself to the front of line! While receiving treatment, you’ll play a collaborative role in your recovery. You’ll have the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, meet new people, and find the best version of yourself in recovery. The folks back home will be impressed when you visit!

Why do people come to Florida Rehab
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If you’re pursuing a new life free from the grip of addiction and want it to start over in Florida, look no further than Celadon Recovery Campus in Fort Myers.We are accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by ACHA for dual diagnosis mental health care. We offer ALL levels of treatment including detox, residential, and a host of outpatient programs on our beautiful waterside campus in Southwest Florida.

About Celadon Recovery

Celadon is comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment center located along the shores of the Caloosahatchee River in Fort MyersFlorida. With a full-continuum of care including detoxresidential, and outpatient programs, we are committed to quality substance use and co-occurring disorder care. Call us today at 239-266-2141.

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