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What Does Surrender Mean in Recovery?

What does surrender mean in recovery?

Surrender is best explained as giving oneself over to someone or something else. When we consider an active addiction mindset, it’s clear that substance use forces us to surrender; when addiction is relentless, we put our thoughts, relationships, and self-esteem on hold. Moreover, people who suffer from protracted alcohol and drug use typically focus their […]

What Happens at an Intervention?


An addiction intervention is an opportunity to set the right course for a loved one who has stalled in trying to find recovery. Typically, the family member experiencing substance use disorder has not yielded to get help (and has likely been enabled). Simply said, an intervention is where the rubber meets the road, and the […]

Navigating Holiday Stress in Recovery

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The holiday season often brings joy and celebration, but for those in addiction recovery, it can also introduce unique challenges. Balancing mental health, managing holiday stress, and maintaining sobriety become crucial during this time of year.