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Providing Services for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Detox & Rehab Center Near Port Charlotte

Southwest Florida mental health treatment

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment For locals in Port Charlotte, Florida who are experiencing substance use disorder, Celadon Recovery offers medical detoxification and residential treatment at our detox and rehab center near Port Charlotte. Just a short drive down I-75, our Fort Myers recovery campus is here with all inpatient / outpatient levels of care […]

What Are Four Types of Mental Health Treatment?

Treatment and recovery of mental health disorders are offered in a variety of therapeutic   settings. The environs, and level or form of care, will be different on several factors: the seriousness of the person’s mental condition, their basic health, and the type of care specified. The four major forms of mental health care services are […]

What Happens at an Intervention?


An addiction intervention is an opportunity to set the right course for a loved one who has stalled in trying to find recovery. Typically, the family member experiencing substance use disorder has not yielded to get help (and has likely been enabled). Simply said, an intervention is where the rubber meets the road, and the […]