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Providing Services for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Christine A. Rysdyk

Clinical Director

Christine A. Rysdyk serves as the Clinical Director at Celadon Recovery. She is responsible for oversight of the Clinical Department. As the Clinical Director, she is accountable to ensure that clinical services are delivered to all patients as per Celadon Recovery guidelines. She is licensed as a social worker in the State of Florida and has a strong background serving diverse clients. Her vision is to help all clients achieve the goals they co-operatively set with their therapist and the clinical team.

“I find that most treatment centers focus on patient pathology, here at Celadon we include the whole system. People are more than a diagnosis; they are part of a system in which they can thrive. Systems consist of many parts, for instance, family, peers, schools, employment, and community. It is our experience that working with clients on how various elements of a system affect a patient’s life, provides for a stronger recovery.”

“Recovery is more than coping with a diagnosis or putting down the substance. That is what we focus on, helping to prepare each client to realize and reach their full potential in all areas of life. People weren’t made to just survive; we were made to thrive!”