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Chronic Trauma PTSD Treatment

When something terrible takes place in a person’s life, it is natural to temporarily feel some traumatic emotions. There are various forms of trauma, as outlined:

  • Chronic Trauma:  traumas are those that continue to take place over a long period. This form of trauma can arise from many sources and requires is worthy of therapy or another restorative treatment.
  • Acute Trauma: Difficulties and feelings that arrive immediately after being exposed to a traumatic event.
  • Complex trauma:  Traumatic events that can happen in early childhood and alter the development of the individual exposed.  

Post Traumatic Stress DisorderPrimary cause of various forms of PTSD is any  traumatic event in life such as sexual or physical assault, death of a loved one, an accident, war or other military exposure, or a natural disaster; often times, emergency personnel and rescue workers can also develop PTSD due to exposure.

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What Can Cause Trauma?

There is a wide variety of chronic trauma causes. It is not limited to adulthood, the military experience, or one single form of abuse only.

Here are a few types of trauma that you should know about:

  • Complex trauma – When multiple traumatic events impart a long-term impact on a child’s mental health
  • Medical trauma – Trauma related to illness or another medical event
  • Sexual trauma – Trauma related to sexual abuse
  • Violence/domestic trauma – Trauma arising from physical violence or domestic abuse
  • Traumatic grief – Trauma that comes after the loss of a loved one

Each of these traumatic experiences is serious, and any individual seeking treatment services should work with the Celadon Recovery team to determine which trauma exposure exists and how to unfold all the layers of the trauma for successful mental health and wellness.

Seeking Help for Various forms of Trauma

Regardless of the cause and/or specific type of trauma, Celadon Recovery is able to assist individuals seeking services in all aspects. For those in Florida, Celadon Recovery Campus is ready to help with any issues related to chronic traumas or any other mental health disorder.