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Florida Drug Addiction Treatment

Celadon Recovery Drug Addiction Treatment In Florida

Drug abuse is an umbrella term that refers to using either legal or illicit substances problematically. Research shows that over 21 million Americans have a drug addiction. Unfortunately, many people never receive the addiction treatment they need.

It’s no secret that the effects of substance abuse can be devastating to both individuals and their loved ones. Drug problems can result in relationship, mental health, and self-esteem problems.

Furthermore, drug addiction can have fatal consequences. Drug overdoses continue to rise- in 2021, they topped over 100,000 in one year alone. Opioids are responsible for most of these deaths, but stimulants, benzodiazepines, and alcohol can also be lethal.

The right Florida addiction treatment may save your life. Our treatment center understands the challenges of behavioral health and drug addiction, and we are here to support you in your journey toward wellness.

Are You Struggling With Substance Abuse?

Despite any preconceived notions, drug addiction doesn’t have a specific look. Anyone is susceptible to its impact. People of all ages and demographics might struggle with drug use.

Furthermore, people often struggle for several months or years before seeking professional treatment services. They may doubt that they have a problem. Or, they might assume that specific recovery programs won’t work for them.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of drug addiction. This information can be used as a baseline, self-assessment tool to determine whether you might benefit from our Florida treatment center.

Typical addiction red flags include:

  • using drugs despite wanting to stop or cut down on the use

  • lying, stealing, or engaging in illicit behavior to obtain drugs

  • developing a tolerance to drugs (needing to use more to achieve the desired effect)

  • feeling like you can’t function appropriately without certain drugs

  • experiencing loved ones share their concerns about your substance abuse

  • having strong cravings to drink or use drugs

  • experiencing withdrawal effects during drug detox

  • several unsuccessful attempts in drug addiction treatment programs

  • having medical problems as a result of drug use

You don’t need to have every drug addiction symptom to benefit from drug or alcohol treatment. Many times, drug use is progressive. That means it can worsen over time, particularly when you feel stressed or experience certain challenges.

Drug addiction affects both your physical and mental health. But over time, people often feel helpless and scared to change their habits. However, effective recovery programs help people understand their condition- while also giving them the support they need to live happy, healthy lives in recovery.

Take your first step towards recovery.

What Is the Most Important Step in Recovery?

Substance abuse is complex, and asking for help can be so hard.

But that’s the most crucial step. If you’re ready to improve your mental health and get your life back on track, it’s time to seek professional substance abuse treatment.

Whether you live in Florida or hail from Hollywood, you can recover- one step at a time. That first step is simply acknowledging that you want something different for yourself.

Will You Need Medical Detox?

Our Florida rehab offers medical detox as the first level of care in your recovery process.

While not all clients need detox, it’s typically advised if clients enter treatment if they are under the influence of drugs or in a state of withdrawal. This is commonly seen with opioid, benzodiazepine, stimulant, and alcohol use.

Detoxification can be physically and emotionally draining. Our medical team is here to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Your detox goals will vary based on your specific needs. But during this time, you may:

  • learn more about your drug addiction and understand your cravings

  • receive medications to relieve distressing withdrawal symptoms

  • participate in behavioral therapy to learn basic coping skills to manage cravings

  • obtain appropriate referrals for inpatient and outpatient rehab programs

  • transfer to residential treatment upon completing your stay

Inpatient Treatment Vs. Outpatient Treatment

There are numerous drug and alcohol rehab options available. Many people engage in a step-down process when it comes to their levels of care. This process will vary based on your substance abuse and recovery plans.

Residential/Inpatient Treatment

After detox or hospitalization, this is the highest level of care. Our drug rehab offers 24/7 monitoring and support to clients. During this time, you will receive:

  • behavioral therapy

  • medication (if needed)

  • support for managing real-world stressors (i.e. legal or financial problems)

  • group therapy and support groups

  • treatment for mental health disorders

Intensive Outpatient/Outpatient Programs

Our intensive outpatient and outpatient programs offer structure and guidance for clients who need accountability for their long-term recovery. During this time, you may be working, attending school, or living on your own- while also participating in our drug rehab centers.

Residential treatment is important for treating acute and serious substance abuse. However, many people need the long-term approach of outpatient treatment to solidify their recoveries and maintain optimal mental health.

How Does Sober Living Work?

Sober living is a core component of many aftercare programs. Addiction treatment doesn’t end once completing our program. We often recommend that our clients live in safe, supportive environments during their initial stage of recovery.

You can reside in a sober living home for as long as you need. Most clients stay in these homes for at least one year.

Whether you need a place in Tampa or Orlando or West Palm Beach, we can refer you to the best Florida sober living homes in the area.

What Are the Benefits of Our Florida Addiction Treatment Center?

Why seek our Florida rehab when you have so many other options available? What makes our treatment facility so different from everyone else? Let’s review some of our main benefits.

Individualized Treatment Plans

What are your recovery goals? What’s missing in your life that you want to achieve? We want to hear from you because we want to help you get there!

Because no two drug addictions look the same, we don’t believe recovery plans should look the same either. Our treatment options are holistic and customized; we meet our clients where they are at in their unique journeys.

Ongoing Professional Support

Behavioral therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and ongoing access to top-notch medical professionals are essential for addiction recovery. Substance abuse treatment requires addressing both your physical and mental health.

Our providers are well-versed in understanding the nuanced details of drug and alcohol addiction. They use evidence-based interventions to treat substance use disorders, and they blend compassion with accountability with empathy for your individual needs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis refers to having both a mental health condition and substance use disorder. This phenomenon (also known as co-occurring disorders) is incredibly common in many recovery centers.

Dual diagnosis treatment means providing comprehensive care. That means addressing everything from opioid use to depression to psychotic symptoms to eating disorders. Failing to evaluate and treat the whole mind and body can leave people susceptible to relapse.

Picturesque Florida Location

Our Florida rehab campus is as beautiful as it is professional. We know that leaving home can feel uncomfortable. But, we’re a home away from home, and our rehab center prides itself on providing a comfortable experience- no matter your needs.

In addition, we believe that Florida offers an ideal, tranquil environment for your addiction recovery.

Ongoing Family Support

Your family members are the foundation of your long-term recovery. We believe family plays a paramount role in helping you succeed in your treatment goals.

We offer family therapy, an intensive family program, and ongoing updates/phone calls to loved ones to update them on your progress. We can also help you repair and rebuild relationships that may have been compromised by your drug addiction.

Extensive Recovery Supports

SAMHSA states that “a substance use disorder is a chronic condition requiring a range of recovery supports.”

This means that addiction treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. People often benefit from a combination of support groups, behavioral therapies, medication management, aftercare and sober living resources, and other healthcare tools to aid their efforts.

At Celadon Recovery, we offer a variety of treatment options to best promote your well-being. Furthermore, as we grow, our rehab center continues to add more recovery options.

Getting the Best Florida Drug Addiction Treatment

We serve Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and all major surrounding south Florida areas. Our Florida rehab is a premier rehab facility that treats all levels of care.

Addiction recovery can be enjoyable! Our treatment center is here to support you from the moment you enter our medical detox. We accept most health insurance, and we treat a full continuum of substance use and mental health issues.

We know treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can sometimes be cost-prohibitive. However, if you have concerns about insurance coverage, insurance plans, or insurance providers, we can answer any of your questions.

Contact us today to speak to one of our Florida representatives!

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