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Celadon Recovery welcomes admissions still suffering from high acuity directly from the hospital, Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU), upon discharge from a Baker Act and similar levels of care. Whether your patient struggles with dual diagnosis, psychosis/delusions, overdose, requires continued medication stabilization, or any other life-threatening mental or behavioral health crisis requiring 24/7 observation, Celadon Recovery assures a smooth admission process and transfer.

For all referrals from your organization, hospital, or facility, please review the following steps below.

*please include a release of confidential information when sending documentation

Step 1: Fax Clinical Packet

Please fax the Clinical Packet

  • Release of Information
  • Face Sheet/ Demographics
  • Insurance Information/ID
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • History and Physical
  • Labs (UDS/Bloodwork)

Step 2: Call a Celadon Recovery Representative

Calling a Celadon Recovery Admissions coordinator to ensure documents are received will assist in a smooth transition, provide a specific contact for any questions and assist every step of the way.

Call 239-266-2141

Step 3: Maintain Open Line of Communication

To ensure continuity of care and an effective admission/ transfer process, Celadon will work with you in maintaining an open line of communication. Our Celadon Recovery Representative has streamlined the process for you and will update you accordingly regarding the admission and any pertinent change in status. Reach out anytime to your assigned representative should there be any changes in treatment or discharge planning prior to your referral’s arrival.