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Inpatient Therapy

Inpatient treatment is the most intensive level of treatment, offering 24-hour care at our waterfront campus.  This treatment option is best for those with mental health issues. The main goal of inpatient treatment is to stabilize symptoms while developing a continuing treatment plan so that the client can receive the care he or she needs in a less intensive setting.

Telehealth Therapy

Telehealth is the process of providing health care from a distance through technology, often using videoconferencing. Telepsychiatry, a subset of Telehealth , can involve providing a range of services including psychiatric evaluations, therapy (individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy), patient education and medication management.

Group Therapy

Probably the biggest advantage of group therapy is helping a patient realize that he or she is not alone, that there are other people who have similar problems. This is often a revelation, and a huge relief, to the person.

Celadon’s Therapies

Peaceful Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy uses breath, deep relaxation, meditation and physical postures to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Mindful Meditation

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Mindfulness techniques can vary, but in general, mindfulness meditation involves a breathing practice, mental imagery, awareness of body and mind, and muscle and body relaxation.

Full Gym

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Evidence has suggested that exercise may be an often-neglected intervention in mental health care.

Equine Therapy

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In equine therapy horses are treated as a mirror for the individual undergoing therapy. Many equine therapists believe this quality in horses stems from horses being both prey and social animals.

Career Development

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Employment is vital for maintaining good mental health. … Conversely, unemployment increases the risk of developing mental health problems, and is associated with increased rates of depression and suicide as well as higher use of health services and hospital admission.

Art Therapy

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In short, art therapy is using art and creative media as a way to help an individual recover and heal from mental illness, trauma, or substance abuse. For over 100 years, the field of art therapy has been found to be effective in helping individuals explore and express feelings and improve overall well-being.

Community Outings

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Going out into the community gives our patients a chance to apply their progress in psychotherapy to a “real life” setting. Whether the outing is for leisure, such as going to a special event or an outing intended to build life skills, such as a trip to the grocery store our patients can engage in social and community networks.

Psychiatrist & Therapist

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Our highly-skilled psychiatrists and therapists help each patient grow by providing individual attention and personalized care plans.  Each plan is customized to understand and support each patient’s unique needs.


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Therapy methods can include options like eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Pet Therapy

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Pet therapy can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Interactions with animals can help people manage their long-term mental health conditions.

Holistic Healing

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Holistic psychotherapy, an integrative approach grounded in psychosynthesis, focuses on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, attempting to understand and address the ways issues in one aspect of a person can lead to concerns in other areas.

Mentors for VA clients

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Our on staff mentors help give our VA patients the confidence that they need to get back into being a productive member of the community.

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