Mental Health Treatment

Mental health issues can turn you into someone you don’t recognize. Looking for mental health treatment program can be difficult when you’re already struggling. Celadon is here to help with quality mental health treatment to help you get your life back on track

Start the road to Recovery

Mental health and wellness challenges are as important as physical health issues.  Often physical challenges are visible, but mental health and wellness encompasses all aspects of the emotional, mental and spiritual being, and can be injured on many levels. Celadon Recovery understands how the struggle of dealing with mental health permeates daily life and can be debilitating.  When working with Celadon expert staff to identify various problems, the staff creates an individualized, holistic approach to mental health wellness and the road to recovery.

Start the road to Recovery

Celadon Recovery understands, regardless of diagnosis, all individuals are unique and require a personalized treatment plan that addresses specific target areas, goals, and outcomes. Our team listens and works with you to cultivate a treatment plan that works for An individual receiving services, and incorporates all skills, assets, and areas to focus on for improvements.

Programs and Treatments

Celadon Recovery offers several programs and many levels of care, from the least restrictive to the most supportive, to better assist individuals on the journey to mental wellness.  Some levels of care and programming include residential psychiatric, intensive residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), and various individual services to accommodate any schedule. All of Celadon Recovery’s programs are customizable, convenient, and catered to the individual to address needs.

Celadon Recovery believes in a holistic approach to mental health treatment and wellness recovery. Celadon Recovery is able to provide these services through individual and group therapy and utilized many other modalities including EMDR, various behavioral therapies, equine, art, and pet therapies, telehealth, intensive family programming, couples counseling, and self help/supportive therapies 

Programs and Treatments

Celadon Recovery is well versed in mental health disorders.  Regardless of specific concerns and different diagnoses, the interdisciplinary treatment is able to approach each individual with care and concern, finding an approach that is as unique as each individual.  

Treatment Is On Going

Celadon Recovery understands the therapeutic process is a lifelong commitment; to the individual, to the families, to recovery, and to wellness. Celadon Recovery offers a step-down process and guidance through every level of care.  We are dedicated to individuals receiving services aftercare, offering intensive outpatient, outpatient, telehealth medication management and services, as well as an alumni program, as we are only a phone call away!

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