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Many people in the world have a small kind of phobia. However, when a phobia causes issues in your day-to-day life, your quality of life may go down. 

Feeling stuck or a lack of motivation as a result of a phobia is a big sign that you will want to seek help for the anxiety disorder. But to get help for a phobia, we first need to understand what a phobia is and how it affects people.

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is an anxiety disorder that causes an intense feeling of discomfort and distress due to a specific situation or object. For example, claustrophobia is a common phobia. For people suffering from claustrophobia, being in a small space can trigger an anxiety attack. 

While general anxiety will cause someone to be understandably cautious, phobias are often irrational fears. Phobias can range from spiders to heights to even water.

What Causes a Phobia?

Like many anxiety disorders, phobias can stem from traumatic or difficult situations. If you got stuck somewhere for a long time as a kid, you could likely develop claustrophobia as a result. 

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However, not all phobias come from trauma. If mental health issues run in the family, you are more likely to be at risk of developing a phobia.

How Do You Treat a Phobia?

You can treat a phobia with medication and therapy. While getting over a phobia may require patience with yourself, you can do it with the proper treatment.

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