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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment with UPMC Health Insurance

Substance Abuse or mental health disorders can rattle the patients’ lives and their families. It can also be overwhelming trying to find the proper addiction treatment or mental health treatment program that will help you. UPMC insurance offers plans to cover the cost of treatment.

Does UPMC Cover Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Treatment As Part Of My Plan?​

The UPMC website has very helpful information to show what you are covered based on your plan. Addiction treatment or mental health treatment are often covered by your UPMC insurance and are accepted at Celadon Recovery.

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UPMC covers a variety of addiction services, mental health services, treatments, and medications. These services help people who face these conditions on a daily basis. 

Some Mental Health Conditions Covered​

Some Substance Abuse Addictions Covered

Understanding Your Benefits

Connecting with an insurance company can be difficult. We will go through your UPMC treatment plan to determine what treatment is covered. Our insurance verification team will be able to verify your coverage in a timely manner and also advocate for more coverage or time in treatment. Celadon Recovery Campus wants to make the process easy for you, so you can focus on what actually matters.