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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment with AFTRA Insurance

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There is no question that high-quality treatment centers are the best place for anyone suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues. It is only under qualified professionals that a person can get the help they need. The problem has more to do with affording the treatments than the person wanting to get help most of the time. 

Does AFTRA Cover Substance Abuse or Mental Health Treatment As Part Of My Plan?

Yes, their plans are options In-Network providers for substance abuse and mental health. Out-of-networks services are also covered under these benefits. The AFTRA Insurance website has very helpful information to show what you are covered based on your plan. While AFTRA can cover you, AFTRA is unique in that they determine a client’s needs on a per person basis.

Having AFTRA addiction or mental health treatment coverage means that the individual can focus on getting the treatment they need without the stress of having to pay much out of pocket. Addiction and mental health is a complicated journey, and success depends on giving 100% of your energy to the process. 

Some Mental Health Conditions Covered By Aetna

Some Substance Abuse Addictions Covered By AFTRA

Understanding Your AFTRA Benefits

Connecting with an insurance company can be difficult. Celadon Recovery Campus wants to make the process easy for you, so you can focus on what actually matters. We will go through your AFTRA treatment plan to determine what mental health treatment is covered. 

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