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Florida Rehab Alumni Program


In treatment, you will learn the essential skills to manage your addiction and mitigate the risk of relapse. Ideally, you will complete your program feeling more prepared to cope with everyday life without using drugs or alcohol.

But even the best treatment services can’t account for the chronic nature of addiction recovery. Once you’re back in the real world, triggers, stressors, and difficult relationships can put a strain on your well-being. Your new life may suddenly feel a lot more stressful.

At Celadon Recovery, we embrace our clients staying connected with a long-term recovery community. We are proud to offer a support system that can help you feel guided in the weeks, months, and years after leaving our treatment center.

How Our Alumni Treatment Program Helps

Effective treatment requires a robust aftercare program. While we take pride in our detox and inpatient facilities, we understand that you need an ongoing support network in your recovery journey. It just isn’t enough to complete an episode of detox or a few months of outpatient treatment.

Our alumni program is designed to promote long-term recovery. Here are some of the main components you can expect:

Alumni Meetings

Alumni meetings offer inspiration and guidance for people in early recovery. Our alumni meetings differ in nature, but they largely focus on maintaining a positive recovery process. We often use guest speakers, staff members, and former clients to share their strength and hope.

Support Groups

12-step programs and other peer-led support groups offer validation and encouragement throughout your substance abuse treatment. These groups are free and available to anyone seeking recovery. Many of them also host various social gatherings and sober activities.

Mental Health Support

It’s normal to still struggle with your emotions and coping skills after completing your addiction treatment. In fact, many people feel somewhat lost during those early days of recovery. However, our alumni program encourages you to stick with your treatment plan and continue working towards your goals.


Mentorship is a crucial component of any alumni program. Our treatment facility embraces mentorship relationships- we want you to feel comfortable going to trusted people when you need additional help or follow-up advice.

Sober Social Events

From cookouts to bowling to movie nights, there’s no reason you can’t have fun when you’re sober. In fact, many of our clients find that they can appreciate life’s activities much more than they did when they were active in their addictions.

Lasting Relationships

Connection is one of the most paramount parts of any alumni community. We believe your friends can be positively influential in helping you keep your life on track. That’s why our events focus on building and maintaining connections.

Relapse Prevention

While alumni groups can’t inherently stop someone from relapsing, they do provide ongoing social support, encouragement, and safety for our clients. Along with completing our drug rehab and residing in a sober living home, we recommend staying closely connected to your recovery center.

Learn More About Our Florida Alumni Activities

Sober social activities can keep you inspired, engaged, and connected in your recovery. Our alumni coordinators are here to make your new life fun! We share updates on social media regularly, so be sure to follow our team!

No matter where you are in your recovery, Celadon Recovery is here for you and your loved ones. Contact us today to learn more about our premier Florida addiction treatment program and alumni events.

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