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Group Therapy for Addiction & Mental Health

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Start the road to Recovery

Our combination of individual and group therapy represents the cornerstone of our addiction treatment program. Groups provide practical coping strategies, peer support, and accountability for your recovery. We offer a diverse range of options for our clients.

Motivation Groups

It’s normal for motivation to ebb and flow during early recovery. Cravings, relationship problems, and mental health issues can all affect your motivation. Our motivation groups focus on keeping clients accountable without force or shame. Instead, you’ll tune into your core values and focus on staying committed to your goals.

Recovery/Relapse Preventions Groups

Recognizing relapse triggers is essential for a successful recovery. These groups will focus on improving self-awareness and recognizing potential warning signs. Clients are encouraged to examine their own recovery strengths and weaknesses. They are also encouraged to identify healthy coping skills that they can use during and after treatment.

Take your first step towards recovery.

Art Groups

Creative expression can help you release subconscious feelings and needs. Sometimes, it’s easier to draw it out than talk it out. Our art groups offer the unique opportunity to paint, collage, draw, and use other forms of artistic expression.

Holistic Groups

Holistic groups prioritize the mind-body connection and help clients address specific barriers impacting their wellness. These groups may include meditation, relaxation strategies, acupuncture, equine, physical activity, dance, and other forms of holistic support.

Life Skills

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t cope with the challenges of the real world? You’re not alone. Our life skills groups focus on important topics like finding a job, cooking, budgeting, keeping a routine, and maintaining healthy relationships. Clients are encouraged to discuss and problem-solve obstacles impacting them in the real world.

Music Groups

Music can be cathartic, and it often represents a healing component for many of our clients. Our music groups focus on songwriting, playing instruments, and processing themes in music as a way to promote creative expression.

Nutrition Groups

Nutrition is an essential component of your physical wellness, and eating a well-balanced diet can also boost your mental health. Our nutrition groups help with meal planning, cooking, and other nutritional considerations to ensure you stay on track.

Psychotherapy Groups

We offer evidence-based dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and moral reconation therapy (MRT) groups for our clients. These didactic groups introduce concepts rooted in essential concepts like emotional regulation, changing negative thoughts, and building positive self-esteem.

Fishing Groups

If you’ve gone fishing in the past, you know how therapeutic being on the water feels. And if you’ve never been before, we can show you the ropes! This group is relaxing, but being outside in a low-key environment can help you talk about issues that otherwise might feel challenging.

Didactic Groups

Didactic groups focus on problem-solving and healthy coping. These groups tend to include psychoeducation- you will learn more about the process of addiction and how it affects your brain and emotional well-being. Didactic groups often build upon skills learned in individual therapy.

Process Groups

Process groups are unstructured groups intended to deepen insight and strengthen peer connection. Clients are encouraged to address whatever is on their minds and “use the group” as a soundboard for change and growth. Sometimes disagreements emerge, offering useful practice for setting boundaries and implementing healthy social skills.

How Our Therapy Groups Can Help You Recover

Our groups will help you develop greater insight into your addiction, mental health, and current treatment needs.  We recognize that the recovery process can be vulnerable. Our providers work hard to ensure that groups provide a safe and positive experience.

Do you want to learn more about our process? We are here to answer your questions! Contact us today to get started.