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We Are Dedicated to Your Recovery Success

We are committed to helping you succeed and thrive in recovery. No matter where you are today, we believe you can overcome your struggles. We know healing is possible, and we help clients achieve that every single day.

If you’re ready to change your life, we’re ready to support you. Contact us today to get connected with our team!

Our Mission/Vision

Every year, millions of Americans experience life-threatening addictions. Unfortunately, many struggling people never receive the treatment they need. Social stigmas, lack of accessible care, and fear of judgment pose significant barriers to getting help.

Addiction is a chronic medical condition. People typically need personalized medical care to recover. They also need comprehensive support and resources. 

At Celadon Recovery, we offer dynamic solutions and compassionate staff designed to help you to overcome addiction. We recognize that you may be in a rough place right now, but we adamantly believe that we can make a better tomorrow.

At Celadon Recovery, our vision is simple. We want to help you live your best life. Along with that, we inherently believe:

  • All clients deserve compassion, empathy, and support. 
  • The decision to seek treatment is courageous.
  • Addiction is a chronic disease, but recovery is always possible.
  • Evidence-based treatment provides the greatest chance for addiction recovery success.
  • Aftercare is an essential component of any recovery plan. 
  • No matter how many times you’ve tried to recover in the past, you can still succeed today.

What We Believe

What Makes Us Different

At Celadon Recovery, we offer the full continuum of care for our clients. We understand that addiction treatment can be complex. We also understand that your story is uniquely yours.

That’s why we offer customizable, individualized treatment as part of our program. From the moment you become our client, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. 

From medical detox to residential rehab to long-term outpatient treatment to alumni support, no stone goes unturned. Your days will be spent growing, learning, and connecting- all while receiving top-notch treatment from our highly-trained professional staff. 

When you are here, you are safe. You are welcome to be yourself wholeheartedly. No matter how many times you feel you have fallen, we are here to help you get back up and on the right path to recovery.