Dual Diagnsosis Treatment

Updated October 19, 2021

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Several mental health disorders tend to co-occur and rarely occur alone. Unfortunately, we often treat only the most obvious disorder, leaving other conditions untouched. So patients continue to struggle despite their doctors’ best efforts. 

Disorders like depression and anxiety frequently go together. Post-traumatic stress disorder often co-occurs with depression and anxiety. Bipolar disorder is another disorder that co-occurs with depression and other illnesses. 

Mental disorders tend to feed off of one another. They both spiral out of control until the patient can no longer function properly, if at all. 

This is where dual diagnosis comes in. At Celadon, we have experts in dual diagnosis rehab and rehab to help our patients recover and learn to manage their other mental disorders. 

We accomplish that with a combination of medication and various forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy, along with psycho-education group therapy.

Our program also involves learning relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga to help patients find healthy ways to relax or to simply turn off the noise in their minds that’s causing so much internal strife. We believe in providing holistic health service so that our patients can return to their lives happily, and confident in themselves and their abilities.

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Celadon Recovery is well versed in mental health disorders.  Regardless of specific concerns and different diagnoses, the interdisciplinary treatment is able to approach each individual with care and concern, finding an approach that is as unique as each individual.  

Treatment Is Ongoing

Celadon Recovery understands the therapeutic process is a lifelong commitment; to the individual, to the families, to recovery, and to wellness. Celadon Recovery offers a step-down process and guidance through every level of care.  We are dedicated to individuals receiving services aftercare, offering intensive outpatient, outpatient, telehealth medication management and services, as well as an alumni program, as we are only a phone call away!

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