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Intensive Family Program (IFP)

IFP is a program that was designed to support families within our community and to empower and strengthen families, so they can survive traumatic situations. 

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Updated October 18, 2021

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What Is our Intensive Family Program?

The Intensive Family Program (IFP) at Celadon Recovery cultivates relationships, and offers an opportunity for healing and mending broken relationships.

Celadon Recovery recognizes the family systems are an important part of each residents recovery process. We also understand that families have struggles, strengths, and challenges that are unique and are to be addressed on an individual basis.

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IFP weekend is open to any individuals important to our residents, including loved ones, family members and supportive individuals to the family unit.  It also offers residents an opportunity to engage in the therapeutic treatment process.

IFP is typically held every 6-8 weeks, and approval is dependent upon the treatment team.  It includes presentations by clinical staff, goal setting for individuals and the family unit, workshops, psychoeducation and induvial and group work.  

Each family member is provided a list of local hotels and resources, and are welcome on campus from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday for the IFP weekend. Evening passes are granted offsite when clinically approved, and all supportive persons are allowed to remain onsite until lights out.  This is a free program, inclusive of each residents treatment experience, and meals, snacks and light refreshments are provided prior to the first session and throughout the day.  

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