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Florida Intensive Family Program

Family Therapy in Southern Florida

The Intensive Family Program (IFP) at Celadon Recovery cultivates relationships, and offers an opportunity for healing and mending broken relationships. Celadon Recovery recognizes the family systems are an important part of each residents recovery process. We also understand that families have struggles, strengths, and challenges that are unique and are to be addressed on an individual basis.

Family Therapy Helps Everyone Heal from Addiction

Family therapy sessions are conducted with the entire family present so that everyone has a chance to share their thoughts and feelings openly. However, not all family members will be willing or able to participate in every session. That is okay—the counselor will work with whoever is present. It’s important to note that restoring relationships takes time. That said, our family therapy in Florida seeks to speed up the process to improve communication and reduce tension within the family structure.

  • Psychodrama – This is a style of role-playing where family participants recreate scenes from their lives. The psychotherapist then leads a discussion about the scene.
  • Art therapy – This form of therapy uses art for patients (and their families) to express their thoughts and emotions. It can be effective for family members who struggle to communicate verbally.
  • Music therapy – Music can be a very reflective and meaningful for young adults to express their emotions most clearly. This non-verbal therapy (many times) displays pain felt, but not revealed,
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This tried and true therapy helps people to understand, and then change their destructive thinking patterns and behaviors.

Family Program Weekends in Fort Myers

IFP weekend is open to any individuals important to our residents, including loved ones, family members and supportive individuals to the family unit.  It also offers residents an opportunity to engage in the therapeutic treatment process.

IFP is typically held every 6-8 weeks, and approval is dependent upon the treatment team.  It includes presentations by clinical staff, goal setting for individuals and the family unit, workshops, psychoeducation and induvial and group work.  

Each family member is provided a list of local hotels and, and we are only minutes from Southwest Florida International airport (RSW). Furthermore, families are welcome on our scenic Fort Myers campus from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday for the IFP weekend. Evening passes are granted offsite when clinically approved, and all supportive persons are allowed to remain onsite until lights out.  This is a free program, inclusive of each residents treatment experience, and meals, snacks and light refreshments are provided prior to the first session and throughout the day. If you have any questions about our Florida intensive family program, please call us today at 239.266.2141. We encourage your family’s participation in your loved one’s treatment.

Florida intensive family program

Our Intensive Family Program Promotes Recovery

Family participants can share their feelings about their loved one’s alcohol or drug addiction, as well as any dual diagnosis mental health problems. In this manner, previous behaviors are exposed, and a new confidence is built – together! Celadon’s immersive family program is a lot like group therapy. Sessions are conducted by your loved one’s primary therapist, and all family members are encouraged to join. When this happens, all participants come together in a profound way so healing can begin for all involved. Please don’t ignore your family member’s substance or mental health problem. It will NOT get better on its own and can overpower families before they even know it.

Family therapy can offer support for:

  • Addiction
  • Mental health disorders
  • Money disputes
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Betrayal
  • Divorce / separation
  • Family fears

Ready to Learn More About Our Family Program?

If you’re ready to take the first step toward recovery, we strongly urge you to reach out to our Florida family therapy program in Fort Myers. Call us at 239.266.2141 to schedule a free consultation.

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