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Partial Hospitalization Program

Florida PHP in Fort Myers

Florida Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) stand out as a beacon of hope and recovery. Designed to bridge the gap between inpatient treatment and outpatient care, PHPs offer an intensive level of care that supports individuals grappling with substance use disorders and mental health issues, fostering well-being and sobriety in a structured yet flexible environment. Maybe PHP is a good fit for your recovery goals. Not sure? Call us today at 239-266-2141 to learn more about PHP and other addiction treatment programs on our Fort Myers recovery campus.

Understanding Partial Hospitalization Programs

Southwest Florida PHP

At the core of our SWFL PHP is the principle that individuals can achieve significant recovery milestones without the need for continuous hospitalization. In fact, PHP is a modality is particularly suited for those transitioning from inpatient treatment or those who require more than outpatient alone. 

Our Fort Myers partial hospitalization program emphasizes personalized care plans without constant supervision required in inpatient treatment. PHPs offer a middle ground. They are particularly effective for individuals recovering from substance abuse or co-occurring mental health disorders. Our local PHP integrates multidisciplinary treatment options including:

Florida partial hospitalization (PHP) program

Components of a Florida PHP

Our PHP in Florida is distinguished by its comprehensive treatment plan that caters to the individual needs of each participant. It blends traditional therapy sessions with innovative treatment options, fostering an environment where participants can work on their recovery while also engaging in daily life. Group therapy, a cornerstone of our program, offers participants the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others in similar situations, while individual therapy provides personalized attention to each participant’s unique challenges. Family therapy is also integral, as it involves loved ones in the recovery process, providing them with insights and tools to support their family member’s journey. PHP treatment services typically include:

  • Individual Therapy: A personal space for dealing with mental health disorders, facilitated by skilled therapists.

  • Group Therapy: Offers the chance to learn from others’ experiences, building coping skills and social support networks.

  • Family Therapy: Engages family members in the recovery process, repairing relationships and fostering understanding.

  • Medication Management: Overseen by medical staff, ensuring that any prescribed medication supports the individual’s overall treatment plan.

  • Addiction Education: Educates individuals and their loved ones about substance use disorder, mental illness, and the recovery process, empowering them with knowledge to navigate daily life challenges.

These components are underpinned by a commitment to evidence-based treatment, ensuring that every aspect of care is grounded in research and proven efficacy.

Why is partial hospitalization an effective addiction treatment option?

Advantages of PHP

Consistency is the most central element when you’re getting sober, and our Fort Myers PHP offers continued structure, freedom, and personalized care. In PHP, you’ll halt underlying difficulties and co-occurring disorders while developing evidence-based coping skills.

Just a few of the many advantages of partial hospitalization include:

  • Structure, support, and accountability
  • Instruction and exercise your recovery skills
  • Essential peer support
  • 12-step program integration
  • Continued behavioral health therapy

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