About Celadon Recovery Campus

Our Approach & Values

Celadon Recovery is a residential treatment facility with a beautiful waterfront landscape located on the Calooshatchee River on Florida’s tranquil West Coast. Celadon’s therapeutic environment offers clients an amazing backdrop for rest, relaxation and recovery.  Just minutes from trendy downtown Fort Myers, there is much to do locally on the Gulf. Celadon is close to beaches, activities, event centers and various resources that encourage positive socialization and community participation.

Celadon is staffed 24/7 with a multidisciplinary treatment team of clinicians, techs and nursing staff.  In addition to daily clinical and psycho-education groups, Celadon offers recreational activities daily, including meditation, yoga and a local gym membership.  Our private and semi-private residences offer safe, quiet spaces while each resident experiences personalized treatment plans and individual therapeutic work.

Celadon Recovery’s holistic approach for wellness is innovative unique, and unlike any traditional program.  At Celadon, our residents are able to address mental health issues including PTSD, anxiety , depression and substance use issues while using individual, group, physical, equine and alternative therapies for a cumulative mental health and wellness experience.  Claim your independence and contact Celadon Recovery TODAY!